The Borough of Bedford is a great place in which to


but it is not just for sport or leisure. It is a

short distance
'door to door'
mode of transport

to get you quickly and cheaply to

Railway Station

as well as being healthier and kinder to the environment.

More than 60% of journeys less than 5 miles and 40% less than 2 miles are made by motor vehicles, trips that can easily be made by bicycle at no cost using Bedford’s extensive cycle network. This was considerably enhanced during 2014 and further improvements are expected in 2015 and beyond.

Cycling has been on the increase in Bedford for some years with an average rise of 7-8% per year seen over the last eight years. For 2015 let's give cycling a further boost and see if we can increase the level over the year by at least 10%.

As well as saving you money, cycling also comes with a number of health, environmental and social benefits.

Although less people tend to cycle in the winter months there is no need to abandon cycling as with a little bit of preparation it is possible to safely cycle in the dark and cold.

Riding a bicycle is like swimming, once learnt you will never forget how to do it but if you have never ridden a bicycle or have not cycled for some time and would like to regain confidence in todays traffic there are a number of training courses available in the area.

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