Young Childrens Cycle Rides
in Bedford and Kempston's
Parks and Open Spaces

Bedford and Kempston both have an abundance of parks and open spaces in which young children can learn to cycle away from the busy roads.

All of them have play areas for them to enjoy themselves and many have cafes/kiosks at which they and their parents can have a well earned refreshment break.

Bedford and Mowsbury Parks

The Bedford Borough North Bedford Parks North map shows the routes in and around both the Victorian Bedford Park at the end of De Parys Avenue and the newer Mowsbury Park in north Putnoe off Wentworth drive. The latter has two BMX parks for more experienced children to try out their skills.

There are cafes in both Bedford (pavilion) and Mowsbury (Four Seasons) Parks.

Embankment, Russell, Jubilee and Priory Parks

The Bedford Borough Central and South Parks and Open Spaces Central and South map shows the routes along the Embankment and the in and around Russell Park and Priory Country Park along the River Great Ouse and Jubilee Park in the Fenlake area south of the town.

There are kiosks along the riverside (The Longholme at Longholme Boating Lake), in Russell Park (The Kiosk) and at the Priory Country Park Visitor's Centre (Cloverdale Retreat).

West Bedford and Kempston

The Bedford Borough West Bedford and Kempston Parks and Open Spaces West and Kempston map shows the routes in and around Allen Park off Old Ford End Road, Addison Howard Park off Hillsground Road in Kempston and Southfields next to Kempston Fire Station.

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