Cycle Map

The CCNB Bedford and Kempston cycle map, first published in 2001, has been updated seven times as a printed edition uptil 2017 and now continues as an online version. In its printed editions 35,000 copies have been distributed.

The map has been published with the needs of all cyclists in mind, but particularly those who at present feel themselves more vulnerable on busy roads. The aim has been to show routes which as far as possible avoid busy and difficult roads. Bedford is blessed with many opportunities to do this and the routes shown connect the residential areas to all the main destinations in the town and to the countryside.

Different sections of a route have been distinguished according to whether they are off-road or on-road on quiet roads, along cycle lanes on busy roads or just busy roads.

With help of the map you will increasingly use your bicycle to get around the town. People are often surprised to find just how quick, easy and pleasant this can be. As your confidence and road skill increases you will then be happier to tackle the busier roads. It is important that drivers should expect to find cyclists on even the busiest roads as a normal event and to treat them safely and with consideration.

It is hoped that those residents obtaining and studying a copy of the map will be encouraged to either try out cycling or use a cycle more often, particularly for those short journeys to make Bedford a truly

Town of Cyclists

Enjoy cycling and rediscover your town.